The Swiss Power Cosmoceuticals

The Swiss Power Cosmoceuticals

Award-winning cosmoceuticals

The Swiss Power Peeling & The Swiss Power Face Cream
B Sand

The Swiss Power Face Care

Skin care that gets under your skin

Developed and created by  Dr Brigitta Cavegn, dermatologist  and expert in facial rejuvenation.
Produced in Switzerland.

The Swiss Power Peeling


The best peeling you’ve ever had!

The Swiss Power Peeling is a 2-phase peel.
Inspired by the techniques of aesthetic dermatology, it combines microdermabrasion and biochemical peeling.

Quick. Simple. Effective.

As an innovative basic beauty care product, it improves the overall appearance of the skin thanks to its complex mode of action, even after the first application.

Comprehensive basic skin care

Deep cleansing

Cleanses & disinfects the skin deep into the pores &

Improves blood circulation


Deeply moisturises the skin and protects the hydrolipidic film


Skin rejuvenation & slowing down skin ageing


  • Improves skin quality noticeably
  • Cleanses all skin types, even skin prone to blackheads
  • Slows down sebum production in oily skin
  • Moisturised and dry skin
  • Reduces the pores
  • Softens minor skin discolouration
  • Revitalises the Skin tone
  • Reduces small wrinkles and unevenness
  • Accelerates the turnover of basal cells
  • Improves the absorption and effects of
    other skin care products

Mode of action

Mechanical phase: Dermabrasion

Massage in the scrub in a circular motion

The polycaprolactone granules achieve thorough pore-deep cleansing (abrasive action), without injuring the skin, by removing dead cells of the horny layer (skin scales) when massaged on with circular movements of the hand. Blood flow is stimulated and the skin’s profile is refined.

Biochemical phase: fruit acids
Leave on for 3-5 minutes

The fruit acid complex (glycolic, lactic, citric, malic, salicylic acids) causes softening of areas of thickening of the horny layer and facilitates the removal of skin scales by breaking up intercellular bridges. The skin becomes softer, smoother and the complexion becomes more uniform. Some components have a mild microbiostatic action and reduce irritation. Biostimulators moisturise the skin; it becomes softer, more elastic and supple. Undecylenic acid has a slightly disinfecting activity.

Two action mechanisms in synergy

Biochemisches Peeling

Active ingredients

Biodegradable granulate
Fruit acid complex
polidocanol Undecylenic acid


Mechanical exfoliation
Chemical exfoliation
Hydration of the skin
Reduces skin irritations
Antifungal & antiseptic

The Swiss Power Peeling – Swiss Quality:

  • Best ingredients in the right dosages
  • Excellent compatibility
  • Biodegradable, without colourants, without microplastics, without parabens, without mineral oils
    Without animal ingredients, without animal testing, vegan, hypoallergenic
  • Works alone as a single product as basic care or as a booster for other skin care products
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Stimulates the turnover of basal cells

Integrated skincare for optimum tolerance

An innovative combination of mechanical exfoliation, biochemical effects of alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) and integrated care with biostimulants (amino acids):

  • Visible improvement of the skin structure at any age
  • Significant rejuvenation of the skin texture and appearance

  • Slows down the overall process of skin aging

Skin type and application:

Sensitive and dry skin: 1-2x per week
Normal skin: 2-3x per week

Oily skin prone to spots: more often

  1. Moisturise your face well
  2. Lightly massage a thin layer of the peeling (mechanical phase)
  3. Leave on for 3-4 minutes (biochemical phase)
  4. Rinse with plenty of water


Everything you need to know about The Swiss Power Peeling

A Peel is a superficial exfoliation treatment of the skin whereby the dead outer layer skin cells are removed – perfectly preparing the skin for subsequent cosmetic or dermatological treatment.

Thanks to the fruit-acid combination and bio-stimulators in The Swiss Power Peeling, the skin is already hydrated. A skin-care cream or dermatological therapy can therefore immediately be applied. The effectiveness of these treatments is also enhanced thanks to The Swiss Power Peeling perfect preparation of the skin. A skin-care cream or dermatological therapy can therefore immediately be applied. The effectiveness of these treatments is also enhanced thanks to B SANDS perfect preparation of the skin.

The skin is noticeably softer, finer and conformer already after the first application. Because the regular application of The Swiss Power Peeling shortens and stimulates the regeneration of the epidermis (normal cycle 4-6 weeks) you can expect a pronounced and visible improvement after 3-4 weeks.

Application to sensitive skin is recommended 1-2 a week. Massage The Swiss Power Peeling gently onto the skin and make sure to use ample water to rinse. Application time should be reduced to 2-3 minutes followed by thorough rinsing. The application sequence may be increased according to skin tolerance.

The Swiss Power Peeling can be used after the onset of puberty. The 2-phase-peel The Swiss Power Peeling has an especially beneficial effect on skin disorders such as pimples and blocked skin pores.

Because the circulation is stimulated by the light massaging of the skin, a temporary reddening of the skin is normal. Persisting reddening can be caused by too vigorous massaging, too little rinsing or by over-sensitivity. A cool compress or a simple skin-care cream should bring quick relief.

It is recommended that a thorough and intensive cleansing is especially effective and beneficial in the evenings. We recommend using The Swiss Power Peeling in the evening.

A peel that has been developed for comparatively delicate facial skin can of course be applied to skin on other parts of the body. bringing an extended feeling of well-being to these areas too.

Nor The Swiss Power Peeling either its components has never been tested on animals. The Swiss Power Peeling contains no animal extracts or ingredients.

The Swiss Power Face Cream

Concentration of a serum,
nutritive value of a cream

The Swiss Power Face Cream is a compact anti-aging cream for the face, eyes and décolleté to protect, repair and regenerate the skin. It counteracts the three main causes of skin ageing: Oxidative stress, saccharification and chronic micro-inflammation.

Thanks to the innovative intensive formula with 10 super molecules, the skin care is a highly effective global anti-aging care product for day & night that protects your skin comprehensively and effectively combats all signs of skin aging such as wrinkles, spots, redness, dryness and loss of elasticity.

The Swiss Power Face Cream has an oestrogen and Botox-like effect, reduces wrinkles and discolouration, deeply hydrates, statistically significantly improves the skin’s immune response and protective vision.

Cell protection is the best medicine

High active ingredient concentration with
10 super molecules for uniquely even skin: jojoba oil, lactobionic acid, panthenol, ectoin, niacinamide, phytosqualane, Vit E, Vit C, carnosine, zinc sulphate, soya isoflavone liposomes, summer knot flower extract (SOD stimulant), copper tripeptide growth factor, arginine, hyaluronic acid.

Does not contain parabens, mineral oils, animal extracts.
Not tested on animals. Hypo-allergenic.

Comprehensive anti-ageing care for day & night
protection, restoration, regeneration

THE SWISS POWER FACE CREAM, professionelle Hautpflege
  • Reduces fine lines and small wrinkles, tightens and pads the skin through collagen formation, intensive, long-lasting moisturizing and muscles relaxation.
  • Improved skin structure through active DNA and cell protection against oxidative stress due to environmental pollution and UV-IR exposure.
  • Reduction of age and pigment spots by restricting melanin production.
  • Improvement of skin barrier function.
  • Strengthens the skin’s resistance through improved immune response.
  • Natural DNA and cell protection against UV-IR radiation and environmental effects.
  • Anti-oxidative (radical-catchers for reducing oxidative stress).
  • Anti-glycation (helps reduce glycation of collagen).
  • Anti-inflammatory (helps reduce chronic micro-inflammation).

Increases collagen synthesis

Strengthens the skin barrier

Reduces melanin production

the facial muscles

An overview of the effects of The Swiss Power Face Cream

Effect on skin: Tonifies / Plumps up the skin / Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
Responsible molecules: Niacinamide (Vit. B3), hyaluronic acid, soya isoflavone-based liposomes, Vit. C, Vit. E, Vit. B5, Ectoin, Lactobionsäure, Kupfer-Tripeptid Wachstumsfaktoren

Aktivieren den Zellschutz sowie DNA-Schutz, gegen oxidativen Stress verursacht durch Umweltverschmutzung und der UV/IR Stahlen

Responsible molecules: Ectoin, Vit. C, Vit. E, L-Carnosin, Laktobionsäure, SOD Stimulator, Kupfer-Tripeptid Wachstumsfaktoren

Stärkt die Widerstandskraft der Haut

Verantwortliche Moleküle: Ectoin, SOD Stimulator

Reduction of age-related discoloration and pigmentation spots
Responsible molecules: Liposomes based on soy isoflavones, niacinamides (Vit. B3), Vit. C, SOD Stiumulator, lactobionic acid

Less inflammation and redness

Responsible molecules: L-carnosine, SOD stimulator, niacinamide (vitamin B3)

Fresher complexion and more elastic, less yellowish-pale skin

Responsible molecules: L-carnosine

Healthier, more even, better protected and more beautiful skin.

Responsible molecules: ectoine, niacinamide (vitamin B3), phytosqualane (olive oil), lactobionic acid

Fresher complexion, more resilient and healthier skin

Responsible molecules: copper tripeptide growth factors, L-arginine, zinc


In the morning: for moisturizing, relaxing and protecting the skin.
Best before applying a sun protection.

In the evening: for nourishing, regenerating and repairing the skin.

The Swiss Power Cosmoceuticals