The Swiss Power Peeling

Biphasic peel

The Swiss Power Peeling is a 2-phase peel. It was inspired by the techniques used in aesthetic dermatology: microdermabrasion and chemical peeling.

Quick. Simple. Effective.

As an innovative basic beauty care product, it improves the overall appearance of the skin thanks to its complex mode of action, even after the first application.

CHF 64.00

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Active ingredients

Biodegradable granulate
Fruit acid complex
polidocanol Undecylenic acid


mechanical exfoliation
chemical exfoliation
hydration of the skin
reduces skin irritations
mildly antibacterial

Deep cleansing


Anti-aging effects:
Skin rejuvenation & slowing down skin ageing

The Swiss Power Peeling prepares your skin perfectly for the application of further care products to improve their effect. This peel is the most important step in a healthy beauty regime, alongside sun protection.