spermidineLIFE® Pro+

The high-dose cure for cell renewal

  • 30 sachets to drink
  • Highly dosed with 6mg of natural spermidine
  • Ideal for starting spermidine intake
  • Achieves quick results
  • Suitable as an interval cure, 4 times a year

CHF 179.00

Choose the number of boxes:

Offer for a 3 months combination cure
for your cell health

The cell revitalisation Package

Produktbild SpermidineLIFE Package

1x spermidineLIFE® Pro+
2x spermidineLIFE® 365+

This cell cleansing treatment for 3 months
achieves good results.

303.30 CHF

Cell cleansing & cell energy

Package spermidineLIFE und nadLIFE

1x spermidineLIFE® Pro+
2x spermidineLIFE® 365+
2x nadLIFE® Energy+

Exclusive 3-month combination cure for comprehensive cell health
comprehensive cell health

395.25 CHF

Ideal for entry to build up the reserves
and as an interval cure with SpermidineLIFE® 365+

spermidineLIFE® Pro+
Give your cells a spermidine boost!

Internal long-term studies and trials have shown that our spermidineLIFE® products show the full potential of the positive effects, especially when taken regularly and over the long term.

Start taking spermidine with spermidineLIFE® Pro+ 1 month regimen.
After that, the spermidineLIFE® 365+ capsule is suitable for maintenance dosing. Repeat the spermidineLIFE® Pro+ regimen 4 times a year for optimal results.

Your health and safety

When it comes to our innovative products, your health and safety is our top priority. That is why we have not only put several years of internal development and research into the CelVio® Complex contained in spermidineLIFE® Pro+, but have also positively tested it clinically for safety and tolerability in cooperation with international clinics and universities. This clinical validation makes our product absolutely unique in the field of spermidine products.

Recommended intake:
1 sachet daily, dissolved in water
Cure for one month

Zinc contributes to normal DNA and protein synthesis, normal cognitive function and the protection of the cell from oxidative stress and has a role in cell division.   Brand: Longevity Labs+

Wheat germ extract with high spermidine content, tricalcium phosphate (caking agent), lemon fruit powder, lemon juice powder, maltodextrin, carotene (colorant), zinc gluconate, thiamine hydrochloride