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nadLIFE® Energy+

Energy for your cells

The dietary supplement with nicotinamide, spermidine-rich wheat germ extract, vitamin C and zinc and it provides your body more energy, better performance and cell renewal in everyday life.

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Energy where you need it.

The power stations of our cells need fuel for their daily work. Support your cells with nadLIFE® Energy+ and supply them with the energy they need.

Unlike other supplements, nadLIFE® Energy+ takes the fast route and can slip directlythrough the cell wall. Based on this efficient process, nadLIFE® Energy+ can support your performance even better and enables your organism to provide more energy.

nadLIFE® Energy+ für mehr Energie

Supporting your body


Supporting your body with more vitality and energy in everyday life1


To supply the cells with energy from within1 and to support cel renewal2, performance and the smooth running of energy metabolism1


Niacin in the form of NAM, natural spermidine-rich wheat germ extract, vitamin C and zinc

Consumption recommendation

1x daily dissolve the contents of one stick in a glass of wather and drink it.

Mit Niacin
Whit Niacin​
Für mehr Energie
For more energy⁶​
Für die Zellerneuerung
For cell renewal¹
Novel Food -
EU Novel Food
Klinisch getestet² & patentiert
Clinically tested² & patented
Developed and produced in AT

Offer for a 3 months combination cure
for your cell health

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The cell revitalisation Package

Package spermidineLIFE

1x spermidineLIFE® Pro+
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This cell cleansing treatment for 3 months
achieves good results.

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Cell cleansing & cell energy

Package spermidineLIFE mit nadLIFE

1x spermidineLIFE® Pro+
2x spermidineLIFE® 365+
2x nadLIFE® Energy+

Exclusive 3-month combination cure for comprehensive cell health
comprehensive cell health

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