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Celergen Cell Therapy

The anti-aging secret, researched and developed in Switzerland

Celergen is the first oral Cell Therapy that works on cell renewal and stimulation to delay and retard our aging progress. It helps to maintain and extend youth, energy and vitality. Celergen is the first oral cell therapy supplement. It is a potent treatment that triggers the cell repair and rejuvenation process to stimulate the human body’s natural healing powers.

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How does Celergen work?

The Transformative Power of Cell Nutrition

The human body contains some four trillion cells which need constant renewal as old and weak cells are replaced by new ones. In healthy young individuals, the division of cells takes place regularly in an energetic and balanced bio terrain. Growing older slows down this process. Increased pollution, solvents, heavy metals, parasites, stress, improper nutrition, smoking, processed sugar, and alcohol weaken this renewal process even more. When the biological clock is disrupted, the connective tissue matrix, organs, and immune system begin to malfunction.

Celergen cell nutrition can block these disruptions by supporting the body’s natural rejuvenation process. By providing proper nutrition to damaged and dead cells, cell nutrition can combat the aging process and extend youth, energy, and vitality.

Unlike other cell therapies, which involve injections, Celergen comes in an oral soft gel. The enteric coating of the soft gel protects the micronutrients while passing through the stomach’s hydraulic fluid, allowing the micronutrients to reach the intestines and be absorbed into the blood system where they go to work restoring and rejuvenating individual cells.

wie-funktioniert celergen

Helps delay aging and the onset of metabolic ailments and degenerative diseases

Proven effective for healing back, hip, and knee pain associated with osteoarthritis

Reduces the appearance of wrinkles and gives a natural glow to the skin

Reduces noticeable chronic, physical and mental fatigue

Improves libido and sexual satisfaction

Enhances memory, sharpens mental concentration and alertness

Enhances stamina during workouts and speeds up the recovery process

Reduces the glycemic index

Reduces anxiety, depression and improves sleep quality

The science behind Celergen Anti-Aging Therapies


Most supplements are manufactured using intense heat which destroys bioactive health promoting micronutrients. Celergen is produced using Swiss Proprietary Cold Extraction Technology, which eliminates heat to retain their original bioactivity and potency. This ensures that the chemical integrity of Celergen is not compromised.

Celergen is also fortified with a special double-enteric coating and superior Anti-Reflux Technology to prevent stomach digestion. This coating ensures that the bioactive ingredients and micronutrients are released in the small intestines for the most effective absorption.

Not every nutrient you swallow is absorbed by your body. However, because the bioactive ingredients of Celergen are chemically bound to peptides, the micronutrients are escorted across the intestinal barrier directly into the bloodstream, ensuring you absorb all of the nutrients Celergen offers. Celergen is manufactured to rigorous pharmaceutical grade standards in Switzerland.

The Benefits of Celergen

Various studies confirm the effectiveness of Celergen

  1. Stimulates the renewal of the cells
  2. Improves Physical Performance
  3. Improves the physical performance Reduces muscle and joint pain
  4. Enhances the wound & scar healing
  5. Improves the tension of the skin
  6. Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  7. Stimulates hair and nail growth
  8. Promotes concentration
  9. Enhances sleep quality as well as mood and can fight mild
  10. depressions – you really feel strong
  11. Lowers Blood Sugar Levels
  12. Strengthens the immune system
  13. Improves spermatogenesis
  14. Increases libido and sexual energy
  15. Lowers holistic inflammation factors
  16. Lowers pain and inflammation markers in Fibromyalgia patients
Vorteile von Celergen