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Collagen & UV radiation

UV radiation accelerates skin ageing and can favour the development

of some forms of skin cancer. This is well known.
Also, that the collagen scaffold gets damaged by too much sun.

How exactly does UV radiation damage our collagen?

This involves very complex biochemical processes.

We will briefly summarise them:

Firstly, collagenases are activated. These enzymes break down the collagen structure and actively break down collagen. In addition, protective enzymes are downregulated. This further accelerates the breakdown of collagen. Furthermore, fewer healthy collagens are produced. This is because UV radiation inhibits the activity of our fibroblasts. Remember: fibroblasts produce the collagens in our skin.

To counteract this collagen degradation induced by UV radiation, it makes sense to support our body with high-quality collagen peptides.

By the way, collagen is also important for
healthy & firm connective tissues.

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The Benefits of Collagen


Major health benefits

  • Beauty and skin health
  • Physical activity and performance
  • Joint & bone health
  • Weight management

Further health benefits

  • Wound healing (skin and digestive tract)
  • Clinical nutrition (support after surgery, protein malnutrition)
  • Blood pressure regulation
  • Blood glucose regulation
  • Immune health
  • Inflammatory diseases (anti inflammatory and antioxidant)
  • Lipid metabolism regulation
  • Digestive health (anti ulcer and gut health)
  • Lifespan and antitumor effect
  • Brain and mental health, and cognitive performance
  • Cosmetic use for nail and hair
  • Well being and anti fatigue effect

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