High Collagen

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The Benefits of Collagen

Collagen helps to reduce the depth of wrinkles. Furthermore, it has other positive effects on the entire body:

collagen, highly dosed, effective, sugar-free, gluten-free, lactose-free

The skin and connective tissue are specially supported by collagen. More elasticity, moisture- and firmness can be retained.
In addition, muscles, bones and joints can be kept elastic and protected.

Premium Ingredients

HIGH COLLAGEN® Shots with high-quality and high-dose Solugel® collagen peptides, vitamin C, biotin and copper.

High Collagen Shots mit hochwertigem und hochdosiertem Solugel® Kollagen Peptiden, Vitamin C, Biotin und Kupfer.

What is Collagen?

80% of our skin consists of the structural protein collagen. This ensures its firmness and elasticity and is considered as a natural moisture reservoir. Collagen is formed by the body itself and makes the skin look fresh and healthy.

Collagen is responsible for:

  • The elasticity and resilience of the skin and blood vessels
  • The tensile strength of tendons and ligaments
  • The strength of the connective tissue
  • The flexibility of the bones
  • The pressure resistance of the cartilage
Scientists have discovered different kinds of collagen which vary in composition depending on their type of function. Among the most important types of collagen for the skin and bones are collagen type I and type III, which are contained in HIGH COLLAGEN® shots.

The natural aging process of the skin

From the age of 20, the natural formation of Collagen can decrease and the first wrinkles and other skin irritations can appear. With increasing age and specially during menopause, Collagen degradation can accelerate significantly due to hormonal changes. In addition, harmful environmental influences as for example UV radiation, stress, alcohol and other lifestyle phenomena can have a negative effect on the skin. The complexion becomes slack and looks pale and tired.

To prevent this, we try to protect the skin from progressive aging by regularly moisturising it with expensive creams and serums. However, deeper skin layers, such as the dermis and subcutaneous tissue, can not be reached and adequately supplied sufficiently.

Welche Kollagentypen gibt es? Insgesamt gibt es 28 verschiedene Kollagentypen, die sich in ihrer Zusammensetzung, Struktur und Funktion unterscheiden.

What types of collagen are there?

The are a total of 28 different types of collagen, which differ in their composition, structure and function. Among the most important are types I and III, which are contained in the HIGH COLLAGEN® shots. The best-known and most important type of collagen is type I, which is present in all connective tissue, as well as skin, bones and tendons. The presence of collagen type III is strongly dependent on age. Young skin contains up to 50 % collagen type III but this decreases during the aging progress.
Type of collagen, occurrence in the body.

Collagen fibers decrease with age and leave wrinkles

Type of collagen, occurrence in the body.