For beautiful skin & hair,
tight connective tissue & healthy joints

Trink dich schön mit Kollagen

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Benefits of HIGH COLLAGEN® Shots

Effect confirmed by studies

The positive effect of HIGH COLLAGEN has been confirmed by clinical studies.

High dosage

HIGH COLLAGEN Shots are highly dosed with 10g collagen peptides per daily dosage.

Super flavour

The HIGH COLLAGEN Shots can be enjoyed pure, without mixing. Made from natural ingredients, sugar-free with a delicious cassis/cherry flavor.
Made from natural ingredients, sugar-free with a delicious cassis/cherry flavor.

Optimal resorption
Regular collagen molecules as used in most products are too big to be absorbed by the human body. Solugel® is made from high quality collagen peptides from natural resources. A special technical process is applied in order to break down Collagen peptide in smaller molecules with a higher biovailability.
Fair price-performance ratio

HIGH COLLAGEN is made from high-quality ingredients and works efficiently. Howevery, HIGH COLLAGEN is no more expensive than other products on the market.

Fast absorption:

HIGH COLLAGEN® contains hiqh quality &
high dosed Solugel® Collagen Peptides

These collagen peptides are pure proteins and are nearly instantly available for the body.

Solugel Kollagen Peptide
  • SOLUGEL® is composed of high quality collagen peptides
  • By breaking down proteins enzymatically into smaller peptides SOLUGEL® collagen peptides is obtained and can be easily absorbed by the human body
  • Just 15-30 minutes after ingestion, collagen peptides can be detected in the blood.
    The presence of amino acids and peptides in the blood stream reaches a maximum level after 1-2 hours and remains in the blood circulation for as long as 4-6 hours.

Why does it make sense to take HIGH COLLAGEN®?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body

Kollagen Klinische Studien. Vielversprechende Studien über Kollagen. Kollagenpeptide veranlassen den Körper, mehr Kollagen zu produzieren.

Collagen fibres are the central building blocks of connective tissue

They support and stabilise fibres and tissue.
Collagen can be found almost everywhere in our body: i
in the skin, bones, muscles, fasciae and tendons, in cartilage and in all connective tissues.

Our body produces the necessary collagen itself, but collagen production slows down from the age of 20. This results in brittle nails and hair, dry skin and wrinkles, muscle loss, inflexible joints and limited mobility.

To counteract this, it makes sense to support the body with high-quality collagen!

The Benefits of Collagen


Major health benefits

  • Beauty and skin health
  • Physical activity and performance
  • Joint & bone health
  • Weight management

Further health benefits

  • Wound healing (skin and digestive tract)
  • Clinical nutrition (support after surgery, protein malnutrition)
  • Blood pressure regulation
  • Blood glucose regulation
  • Immune health
  • Inflammatory diseases (anti inflammatory and antioxidant)
  • Lipid metabolism regulation
  • Digestive health (anti ulcer and gut health)
  • Lifespan and antitumor effect
  • Brain and mental health, and cognitive performance
  • Cosmetic use for nail and hair
  • Well being and anti fatigue effect

HIGH COLLAGEN® - Beauty & Skin Health

Healthy collagen levels are crucial for the skin

The collagen content is particularly important for the firmness and elasticity of the skin. It is assumed that changes in their number and structure are responsible for the formation of wrinkles and the reduction in skin smoothness and moisture.

Healthy collagen levels are therefore crucial for:

  • Skin elasticity
  • Skin smoothness
  • Moisturisation of the skin
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Scientifically confirmed effectiveness

Klinische Studien. Bei einer täglichen oralen Aufnahme von 10 g Solugel® erhöhte sich die Hautelastizität
um gut 17 % die Hautfestigkeit um knapp 11 % und die Befeuchtung um 14 %.
Klinische Studien. Bei einer täglichen oralen Aufnahme von 10 g Solugel® erhöhte sich die Hautelastizität
um gut 17 % die Hautfestigkeit um knapp 11 % und die Befeuchtung um 14 %.
Klinische Studien. Bei einer täglichen oralen Aufnahme von 10 g Solugel® erhöhte sich die Hautelastizität
um gut 17 % die Hautfestigkeit um knapp 11 % und die Befeuchtung um 14 %.

Several clinical studies have confirmed that the daily intake of 5-10 g/day of collagen peptides for 4 to 12 weeks has a positive effect on the moisture content, elasticity, fine lines and smoothness of the facial skin.

Klinische Studien. Kollagenpeptide veranlassen den Körper, mehr Kollagen zu produzieren.

HIGH COLLAGEN®- Physical activity & performance

Kollagen Mann Sport

Protect muscle against damage Increase muscle strength

Bioavailable peptides that are easily and rapidly absorbed

Connective tissue support and recovery from exercise

More knee and ankle stability,
less injuries

Boost Amino Acids Precursors of Creatine

Pre Workout

Energy, strength, endurance

  • Injury Prevention
  • Protecting Joint
  • Fast Absorbed Protein

During Workout

Fuel during exercise

  • Aim for Creatine Production
  • Fight Fatigue
  • Fast Absorbed Protein

Post Workout

  • Recovery Tissue
  • Recovery Reduce
  • Joint Pain Anti-inflammatory and Anti-oxidative Effects

All In One

  • Highly digestible, fast absorbed protein
  • Connective tissue support and recovery
  • Against pain and inflammation

HIGH COLLAGEN® - Joint & Bone Health

Decreased joint discomfort

Reduction of joint pain, stiffness and swelling
Reduction in cartilage tissue degeneration

Supports ligaments, tendons, cartilage
Improves joint functionality and strengthens joint structure
Increased mobility and daily activities

HIGH COLLAGEN & Joint Health Benefits

HIGH COLLAGEN® - Weight Management

SOLUGEL® provides long-lasting satiety and delays hunger

Mann Sport Collagen

Bioactive SOLUGEL® Collagen peptides

The purified, protein-rich content of hydrolyzed collagen is considered an effective, natural appetite suppressant, which has been shown in many clinical studies to have a satiating effect to promote weight loss.

Dietary protein plays a significant role in body weight regulation, partly due to its effects on satiety. A randomized, single-blind clinical study, conducted with SOLUGEL®– collagen peptides, evaluated the satiety effect of different proteins during breakfast and their impacts on the energy intake (EI) at lunch. This involved the measurement of appetite profile (Visual Analogue Scales, VAS) and EI.

Results showed that breakfasts containing SOLUGEL® caused a significant 20% lower energy intake at lunch compared to casein and soy breakfasts at both 10% and 25% protein concentrations.

The reduced energy intake of 20% was related to a 40% reduction in appetite.

Scientific evidence proves that bioactive SOLUGEL® collagen peptides outperform other proteins by providing long-lasting satiety and delaying hunger.
HIGH COLLAGEN® Shots with SOLUGEL® is the ideal protein source to support your weight management diet.

Collagen und Frühstück


A healthy collagen level is important for:

Skin health

  • Elasticity of the skin
  • Skin suppleness & elasticity
  • Hydration and retention of skin moisture
  • Healthy radiance

Connective tissue

  • Strengthens and tightens the connective tissue
  • Collagen can help against cellulite and reduce skin sagging

Hair & Nails

  • HIGH COLLAGEN® isvaluable for the hair due to the mixture of all amino acids. These are needed for keratin production and thus for hair growth. In addition, collagen fights free radicals, which makes the hair more resistant and reduces the breakdown of melanin with age
  • Repairs brittle hair and nails and promotes growth

Tendons, joints and bones

  • HIGH COLLAGEN® is rich in amino acids, which play an important role in the formation of joint cartilage and can have an anti-inflammatory effect
  • Supports bone density, tendons, ligaments and joints
  • Maintaining flexibility and mobility

The human organism is constantly exposed to negative external influences and permanently in the process of recovering. An additional intake of collagen peptides can slow-down the aging-process. It supports the body to maintain the natural levels of collagen in the body and stimulates the organism to start producing collagen itself, in order to decelerate the loss of skin texture and firmness.

Collagen is part of our daily nutrition. Mainly found in protein-rich food, red fruit and vegetables, etc. Still the additional daily consumption of collagen peptides with high concentration and bioavailability is recommended. The collagen peptides in HIGH COLLAGEN® have been reduced in size by enzymatic hydrolosis so that they can be maximally absorbed by the body. With 10g of collagen peptides per ampoule, the shots are highly dosed and offer an optimal supply.

10gr. Kollagen
Highly dosed
Innovative Formel. SOLUGEL Peptide
Innovative formula
Wirksamkeit durch Studien belegt
Effectiveness proven by studies
Zuckerfrei mit Honig und Stevia gesüsst
Sugar-free sweetened with honey and stevia
Fruchtiger Geschmack
Fruity flavour
Lactose free

Selected ingredients

with high-quality and highly dosed
collagen peptides.

The molecules of the collagen peptides are reduced in size by a special process so that they can be optimally absorbed by the body.

High Collagen Shots mit hochwertigem und hochdosiertem Solugel® Kollagen Peptiden, Vitamin C, Biotin und Kupfer.