Benefits of High Collagen. Collagen peptides can delay the aging process, counteract the breakdown of natural collagen levels, and stimulate the body to produce collagen itself

Benefits of High Collagen Shots

The premium active ingredient Solugel® is used in our High Collagen Shots.
Solugel® is made of high quality collagen peptides, which were gained from natural sources applying the process of enzymatic hydrolosis.

  • Regular collagen molecules as used in most products are too big to be absorbed by the human body.
    Solugel® is made from high quality collagen peptides from natural resources. A special technical process is applied in order to break down Collagen peptide in smaller molecules with a higher biovailability
  • High Collagen Shots contain 10 g of collagen peptides per dose and are therefore highly concentrated.
  • The positive effect of High Collagen Shots has been confirmed by independent clinical studies
  • High collagen shots from natural ingredients have a pleasant cherry/cassis flavour and are sugar-free,
    sweetened with stevia and honey only

What are the effects of High Collagen Shots?

The human organism is constantly exposed to negative external influences and permanently in the process of recovering. An additional intake collagen peptides can slow-down the aging-process. It supports the body to maintain the natural levels of collagen in the body and stimulate the organism to start producing collagen itself in order to decelerate the loss of skin texture and firmness.

Collagen is part of our daily nutrition mainly found in protein-rich food, red fruit and vegetables, etc. Still the additional daily consumption of collagen peptides with high concentration and bioavailability is recommended. The collagen peptides in High Colalgen Shots can be absorbed by the body easily and the shots are high concentrated with 10 grams of collagen peptides per shot.

How long does it take until High Collagen shows first results?

Liquid collagen drinks are getting more and more popular. Certain quality requirements must be met in order to achieve best results and in order to recognize improvements of the skin. As the size of collagen molecules is comparably big, they have to be broken down into smaller proteins. After this process the collagen peptides do have a higher bioavailability and can be absorbed faster by the body. The quantity of collagen per shot is key in order to activate the collagen production of the skin cells. High Collagen Beauty Shots assure a fast resorption and are highly concentrated with 10 g of collagen peptides per shot.

Studies have proven, that the regular intake of collagen peptides in High Collagen can show signi􀀂cant improvements after 48 weeks: The humidity-, density- and texture of the skin could be improved within 4-8 weeks.*

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